Advantages of Led Technology

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Advantages of Led Technology

Sustainable Green Technology

LED has proven to be a highly efficient, energy-saving light source with a long life cycle and an absence of mercury. Convenient to use and easy to control, it is evident that LED technology is the light source of the future.

High Lumen Efficacy

The hemispherical radiation pa t t ern of the LED’s eliminates the requirement to direct the light flux around the light source. As a result, there is no light loss at the source, as a result of which the efficiency of the LED increases.

Low Energy Consumption

When compared to conventional lighting Systems such as CFL’s and low-voltage halogens, LEDs show a remarkable advantages in power consumption.

Long Product Life

LEDs have a long product life of up to 50,000 hours with the less than 3% drop in light output over its service life.


Well designed and east to install, LED luminaires are compact and vibration & shock-proof, greatly reducing the chances of failure. A long product life allows for extensive maintenance-free intervals and trouble-free use.


LED lamps atain full power the moment they are switched on. Moreover, they easily dimmed to a desired level using suitable drivers.

Mercury Free

Mercury, known to be toxic, is harmful to humans as well as the environment. In comparison to other sources of light, LEDs contain absolutely no mercury.

UV and IR Radiation Free

In comparison with conventional lamps, LEDs produce UV/IR-free light thus eliminating thermal radiation of the illuminated object.

High Colour Rendering Index

The Colour Rendering Index (CRI) measure the ability of a light source to reproduce the colours of objects in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. LED has a high CRI of about 80.