Comprehensive Energy Management

The cleanest energy is that which is not consumed Energy management enables using energy in an efficient and judicious manner. While energy conservation ranks high on the wish-list of all key decision-makers, building managers, engineering heads & utility heads, several impediments (like budgetary capital allocation, multiple stakeholder approvals, limited focus amidst a basket of responsibilities)  prevent attaining energy-conservation goals.

Armed with over a decade of experience in energy conservation, Energized Solutions offers a tailor-made Energy Management Contracting solution on a single unified platform for hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings, data centers, malls and manufacturing units. While a specific selection may differ across industry but the core principles involved are.

  • Collect Energy-related data & meter energy consumption
  • Audit Energy-Intensive Equipment & conduct Performance-study
  • Develop Energy-saving strategies
  • Execute strategies and commission equipment
  • Target on-going optimization and monitor progress
Offerings by ESIPL
  • Feasibility Study & Running Energy Reduction Programs
  • Implementation of Energy Conservation Measure (ECM)
  • Project Finance
  • Preventive Maintenance of Equipments & Performance Guarantee
  • Representing clients in supply-side optimization