Why Choose ESIPL

Advantages of ESIPL Solutions

We offer comprehensive solutions across Energy Recovery from Waste Heat and Pressure Expansions, in industries wherever heat is used. Steel, Ferro Alloys, Non Ferrous Metals, Food Processing, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Textiles, Glass, Ceramics, Tyres, Soaps, Edible Oils, Paper, and more. We use cutting edge technologies including Heat Batteries, On-Stack Heat Exchangers, High Speed Variable Flow Turbines. And we do the entire investment and operations, while you only have to pay for the power, at significantly discounted rates.

Lighting Solutions that are designed and executed to deliver the required illumination levels, and come with a high level of automation that tracks ambient light and occupancy, to sharply reduce your lighting costs. This is also offered on zero capex, savings share model.

CoGeneration Solutions for Steam & Electricity, using biofuels. Here also we offer a zero investment model, and we do the O&M as well, while you pay for the electricity at significantly discounted rates.

Comprehensive Energy Solutions for Hotels and Hospitals that take care of HVAC, Hot Water, and Lighting, using cutting edge technologies. Once again, this also comes with a zero investment, savings share model.

Reduce your Lightning Cost

with energyef cient light sources, effective illumination smart control systems, you can lower the overall power consumption of your facilities.

Save In Long Run

Energy-saving innovations from Energized Solutions last longer than the average product & solutions, Replacing your lighting systems with our lighting products provide up to 87% energy saving.

Improve Productivity

With our lighting product you create a pleasant environment. Great lighting brightens up not just space, but people’s moods as well.

Make your Environment Eco-friendly

Our lightening products don’t just lower energy consumption and Co2 emissions; they’re also made of Eco-friendly materials. By using energy efcient lighting products, We can make our planet greener & sustainable.